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Families First Step is a service that intends to address all of these issues and more, to bring about positive change in the lives of the family.  We are able to provide a space for families to explore and reflect on...

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You don’t have to be addicted to a substance or behaviour to suffer from addiction.

Addiction has an impact on every member of a household, from the oldest members of the family to infants, toddlers and teens. When someone in your home has a drug or alcohol problem, every generation feels the consequences of that dependence, and everyone needs help dealing with these devastating effects.

You may be trying to cope with someone who has a problem. As a result, you may be anxious, confused, ashamed and exhausted.

You may also feel guilty or afraid; often putting a great deal of pressure on yourself because you think it is up to you to get the addict to stop.

Our experience has shown that families and friends often need to get outside help to realise that it is not their responsibility and that it is important that they take care of themselves.

Our research shows that doing so can lead addicts to seek help for themselves.

Get results now.

Chances for sustained recovery increase dramatically when families are involved, as addiction reaches far beyond the individual.

When drug addiction enters your family via one of your family members, the effect can be devastating. If you have reason to believe or even a vague suspicion that someone close to you may have a drug problem, we know how you feel. We know what it is like to be alone with this problem. We know the feelings of panic and frustration that are the result from this discovery.

Know that you are not alone & help is available for you!

What We Offer

Check1redExperienced Therapists – Asking for help takes courage, we offer support to families and friends of addicts, helping them understand their relationships and working through how they can help themselves and their loved ones.

Check1redYou Are Not Alone. – From the first contact, you will be assisted and guided by your therapist who will be there for you and working to understand what you are experiencing.



We Listen – We listen to your questions and so we can give you the right answers. Based on what we learn we then design a program unique to you or your family’s individual needs.

Check1redYou decidewhat you are willing to share. The focus of the sessions is up to you. If you don’t want to talk about something, you will not be pressed. In other words, your physical and emotional boundaries will be respected.

Check1redTrained Professionals – All therapists and interns at Families First Step are highly trained and dedicated to providing you with a counseling environment that is caring, non-judgemental and respectful of the uniqueness of everyone.

Check1redImprove Your Life – We work with you to change the dynamics of family relationships so as to improve current environments and lives.

Check1redHelping Families and addicts – Our experience has shown that help for the family and friends means important help for the drug-dependent person.

Check1redNo admission restrictions – It is not necessary to have your family member/friend in treatment in order to benefit from our services.

Better care leads to better outcomes – period.

Why Us?

arrowred iconWe are a small company and so are able to make it simple for you to access best therapy for your unique situation.

arrowred iconWe are (to the best of our knowledge) one of only two providers of this stand-alone therapy for families and individuals in UK. ****

arrowred iconWe sit down with you and devise a program or solution based on your needs.

arrowred iconWe ensure the best and most cost effective solution is found for your therapy needs. We won’t bog you down with managerial structures and exhaustive costs.

arrowred iconWe are what you see, and you get what you see! Yes as well as being trained therapists we are human.

arrowred iconWe are not tied by management structures or peer pressure and therefore you are able to talk to your therapists as and when you need – not an automated telephone system.

arrowred iconLastly and for all concerned, wherever possible, without compromising our legal requirements and professional standards, we strive to reduce the burden of unnecessary paperwork.




That’s our goal here.

We’ll help you get the best therapy based on your needs and give you all the support and help needed to do so.

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